List your important goals for this month.

Go back to all of my subjects and review/study them again to really be equipped.
Read, study, and understand at least 20 provisions per day.
Reflect on what I have studied. In case some topics are unclear or hard to comprehend, I will memorize it instead (important keywords or phrases).
Save half of my allowance or salary.
Be prepared to accept whatever outcome I may face which may be a bad recitation, poor exam grade or other unfavorable personal matters.

List key objectives you must accomplish to advance your goals.

Do first what needs to be done before pleasure. (minimum of 8 hours of reading per day)
Set a schedule for each day to accomplish the objective above.
Have some payback time if ever the schedule for the day is not met.
Pray first thing in the morning for guidance.
Have someone whom I’ll report to of what I did for the day or just write it down in my diary.

List key tasks under each objective.

Self-assess myself to check what my current situation is.
Set priorities for my objectives.
In case of failing to achieve my objective for the day, I should sacrifice more time to make up for it.
Go to a quiet place and fill up my spiritual needs.
Tell someone to take note of my progress or again write it in my diary. 

At the end of the month, evaluate your performance.

This changes every time. The goal is to get better and improve myself. 

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