"Keep your eye on one thing before everything because it is easier to see with focus. Understand one part instead of the whole and continue to do so with every part until the whole is understood. The future will come, disregard what your past was, and be equipped with what is present; it is the knowledge that counts and not the time. For what it's worth, reading is worth a while."

     Mentioned above is the first objective of Dura Legis - to help an individual conceptualize the understandings mostly of the Laws, instead of him putting effort into a particular piece-meal topic only. It is useless if he knows only a part of the law and not its entirety since it makes him ignorant. As the legal maxim provides: "Ignorantia legis non excusat" - ignorance of the law excuses no one. Also, Dura Legis believes that a clear picture of the whole subject holds more retention rather than mere memorization. 

    The second objective of Dura Legis is to specifically favor those students who are having a hard time studying the law because of time constraints, personal issues, and situational settings. It is a fact that the study of law requires colossal readings. However, not all students have the same intellectual capacity. There is always one student who is left behind and the education system is never perfect. Some law professors may not cater the appropriate way of teaching to all their students. Some give the students loads of reading assignments, including but not limited to, Supreme Court cases, that it mentally stresses them which causes the feeling of being drowned. This phenomenon is detrimental to their study and understanding of the law. Hence, Dura Legis was created. It aims to help them get lifted from being drowned and save them from academic distress. 

*"Dura Legis" is inspired by the legal maxim that is known in Criminal Law as "dura lex sed lex."

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