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          For a person to effectively live his life, he needs to be happy. It is an effect of success in something, whether it is a small accomplishment or a big one, personal or material. All humans have the same goal, and that is to be successful in life. No one in his right mind would plan a goal of failure since it is absurd, stupid, and idiotic. It is logical that the end must always be met with what is sought. If a person wants to succeed, he must improve his life first, and to do so the following must be present:

 MCHF   "memorize word per word"   

1. The first is growing one's MAXIMUM POTENTIAL. For a fact, each individual is given a mind and a body and it is just a bonus if everything about him is normal so it is right that he makes use of himself the way he should use his mind and body. However, every person is limited by what he thinks. To break this, and live the full potential of being a human, he needs to think beyond his pre-conceived capacity. "Have you read the instruction? If you think you cannot memorize these four-paragraph requisites word per word, you are wrong! Immediately you think you can't do it right? but later realize you can. You are instantly limited by your brain" All matters of life are limited by the mind. The secret is just to trick it and always think otherwise. 

2. Next, CHANGES should be applied so that everybody could grow and live truly. As the saying goes, “growth demands a temporary surrender to security”, it is imperative for one to go out of his comfort zone. Whenever there is a state of being comfortable, one does not grow because the factors affecting him are just stagnant like a kid who stays home forever and does not go to school. It is true that “the more positive the environment is, the more rapid your growth is able to be” and that this will be enhanced if relationships are developed with growing people because they serve as a guide to every person. 

3. Then, the HANDLING OF FEAR AND FAILURE. Failure is the spouse of cowardice. Being scared is a prison within a person's own conscience. He should, as much as he can, prevent the feeling of fear by facing fear itself because with fear, comes inaction. If there is inaction, there is ignorance and if there is ignorance, another fear is created, and the cycle goes on. 

4. Finally, FAILURE IS NOT THE END OF EVERYTHING. In fact, it is a new opportunity to start again. This time, starting again intelligently. Failing once is inevitable, but failing twice is questionable. This most useful life-leadership topic leads to the realization that the first time one fails, he should make that failure his first and last. He needs to do everything in his capacity to be self-aware so that he can understand what areas he is weak at and to know the appropriate corrective measures to be applied to improve those areas and eventually succeed the next time around. 



Your life is a SHIP.

Its PASSENGERS represent your


You are the CAPTAIN.

Your duty is to bring the

passengers safely to their

DESTINATION - your goal in life.

It is within your hands which will

determine where the ship will go.